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Our Bakery & Deli Partners


Glick’s is an Australian owned family business, renowned for manufacturing quality breads, cakes and fine foods.

Glick’s was founded in the late 1960s by Mr Mendel Glick OBM in a small retail shop on Kooyong Road Caulfield. Mr Glick revived an old European recipe and method for boiled bagels, which were an instant sensation throughout the Jewish community. The exclusive Glick’s boiled bagel has been a crowd pleaser ever since its inception. Glick’s preserves traditional baking techniques and maintains a passionate commitment to quality and a reverence for the great traditions of artisan baking.

As Mr Glick always used to say; “If it’s Glick’s, it’s good”.


Lichtenstein's Bakehouse is a family owned business, baking since 2002.

Lichtenstein's prides themselves on high quality ingredients from reputable Australian suppliers. Lichtenstein's breads and pastries are inspired by traditional European recipes.


Lewis & Sons is a Melbourne based Kosher deli and butcher that incorporates the multicultural culinary influence of the city into their range of products. Opened in 1945, Lewis & Sons sells a deliciously appetising selection of charcuterie, meats and pickled goods. All their foods are grown, blended and prepared with the greatest care.



Started by Neri and Rikki in Melbourne, Tahini Neri makes delicious, authentic, Kosher tahini dips and hummus.


 ESKAL is one of Australia's most well known Kosher brands, offering a leading range of quality Kosher deli products.