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About Us

Northside Challah is a Melbourne-based, weekly Friday home delivery service for the Inner North, delivering freshly baked challah, bagels and more from speciality Kosher bakeries and delis.

Northside Challah is a culinary bridge between the north and south divide in Melbourne. We hope to provide Jews living in the north with a way to stay connected with their culture, as well as the general public the opportunity to connect with our Jewish food and traditions.

Northside Challah has partnered with Glick’s Bakery, Lichtenstein's Bakehouse, Lewis & Sons, Eskal and more, delivering freshly baked goods and key deli and pantry items every Friday morning ready for Shabbat.

If there's any products you'd like to suggest, feel free to send us a message, we'd love to hear from you! With love and carbs, Daniel and Eliza x

Chaim the Challah, our mascot