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Togertherness Design x Northside Challah - Olive Branch Candle Holders (Set of 2)

Togertherness Design x Northside Challah - Olive Branch Candle Holders (set of 2)

Bring in Shabbat with these beautiful candle holders, featuring an all over olive-branch design. These are handbuilt from off-white stoneware and are individually hand-painted. They are glazed with clear gloss and each item a one of a kind piece.

These candle stick holders are part of our collaboration with Esther Sandler of Togetherness Design, a Melbourne-based homewares and textile designer.Drawing inspiration from traditional Judaica and the agricultural elements of historical Jewish life, we set out to create bespoke pieces that connected the link between Jewish culture, tradition and history and contemporary styling. These pieces look stunning on the Shabbat table, and make perfect gifts. 

Each candle holder measures 7cm tall, 7.5cm wide at the base. The candle holder is approx 1.7cm wide and can hold a number of different candles that we stock (Menora Shabbat candles, Ohr Shabbat candles and Ner Mitzvah glass holders). Glaze colours may appear slightly different in real life when compared to images.